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Restaurants can be very stressful. Being pulled in several directions while trying to be everywhere at once, not only isn’t fun, it’s killing you. Stress can cause serious health effects.

Further, when your stressed, you tend to be more brash, reactionary, and you’ll make bad decisions. All of which are terrible managerial traits that can be a detriment to your restaurant. Accordingly, it is imperative you find some time to relax on a regular basis. The following is a list of things you can do both inside and outside the restaurant to help you relax or otherwise reduce your stress.

Go into the walk-in cooler, shut the door and scream obscenities – It may seem odd, but is a good release of immediate stress and helps you refocus on what you need to.

Go into your office, shut the door, and sit in the silence until you compose yourself – Kind of the opposite of the cooler technique, you can compose yourself and claim control over your emotions

Take deep breaths – This brings extra oxygen into your body and blood which helps your brain release endorphins that help your body relax. This also reduces your heart rate which further reduces stress and anxiety.

Eat healthier foods – healthier foods lead to more energy and have shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Exercise – it increases energy, raises dopamine levels, and helps reduce stress

Get enough sleep – This is admittedly easier said than done in this industry, but getting a good amount of sleep allows your body to relax and recharge properly

Get out into nature – nature particularly near water has shown to have a calming effect on the body. If you can’t get fully out into nature, a quick walk around the block can help to get you away from the stress and the quietness can also help you reorganize your thoughts.

Vent To A Friend – Voice your frustrations with someone that doesn’t work at the restaurant. This rant will help you to verbalize your anger and release it rather than having it stew inside you.

Write down what you are stressed about – This simple act will define your stresses. Once you have them defined, you can work towards solutions. If you have numerous stresses and don’t define them, small annoyances will cause reactions. By defining your biggest stresses it will help you to identify them when they occur and work to reduce them.

Meditate – meditation has been shown to have profound effects. It helps you to relax, organize your thoughts, and stabilize your heart rate. It can help you to recognize your stress and emotions in real time and give you the power to control your emotions.

Whatever method you use for reducing your stress make you take some time daily to relax and unwind. You need to be able to think clearly and make decisions this can be difficult when you are stressed. Make a conscious effort to reduce your stress and learn to relax. If you can effectively relax, you’ll be a much better aid to your team.