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Today, you need to recognize and reward the good. You know it’s something you should be doing more, but you don’t. Instead you discipline but aren’t seeing the results you are looking for and keep experiencing the same problems over and over. To fix it, you need a plan to reward the good.

Seek Out The Good

Seek it out actively. Don’t just watch for when things are going wrong. Look for when things are going right. Simple ‘thank yous’ and recognition can help bring out the best in your employees

Pick An Employee Every Day

Make a plan and pick an employee to recognize everyday. This isn’t to say

recognize only one employee, but rather it is a conscious decision to watch for the good in a particular employee. It’s a reminder to yourself to appreciate a specific employee. Remind that employee why you are happy that employee is part of your team.

Watch Your Struggling or New Employees

It’s important to recognize the good in struggling and new employees. These employees will feel out of place or have anxiety. If you can recognize when they do things right, you’ll help them become more happy, relaxed, and focused. This should help them make fewer mistakes and help them fit in better.

2 Good, 2 Bad

Every week in your management meetings talk about two employees that did something great this week and two employees whose performance was poor this week. What are you doing to recognize the two great employees this week? What are you doing to improve your two poor employees this week. Talk about it and do it. By being proactive every week it keeps things from falling through the cracks and makes sure your best employees feel their strengths are being utilized.

Recognize In Public and In Private

Different employees like to be recognized in different ways. Some are uncomfortable when being singled out for something they did, even when that thing is admirable. Recognize in private first and then ask the employee if they wouldn’t mind being recognized publicly for good things in the future. Most are at least partially reluctant at first. However, as you start to recognize small things publicly from several employees, everyone will feel more comfortable being recognized when they do well.

Reward The Good

Now that you have recognized the good, reward it. While simple good deeds can be recognized verbally, when an employee goes above and beyond, recognize with a reward. Whether it’s a free meal, or a bonus on their check, rewarding when employees drastically exceed expectations helps your best employees become even more committed to your company. As a bonus tip, have a handwritten note in with the check that thanks them for whatever the good deed was. This makes it much more personable and is typically remembered way after the extra money on their paycheck has been spent.

Recognize Your Own Good

Last, be sure to recognize when you do things well. These are private instances where you can reflect on something you’ve done well. Don’t do these publicly as some sort of display of egotistical narcissism. Instead, spend some time privately to appreciate the things you have done well. Reflect on why things went well and try to repeat your successes in the future. It will help you stay focused and enjoy your job more.

Recognizing and rewarding the good will help your employees feel appreciated which will lead to greater buy-in, better performance, and a better restaurant which only continues to build on itself. So, right now go out and catch one of your employees doing something right and recognize them for it