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Never stop learning. I used to tell the employees the worked for me that if ever there is a time that you are no longer learning something new or growing in your skills, then you should likely find a new job. You are doing a disservice to yourself if you aren’t growing. If you are just going through the motions it makes your job suck and both your coworkers and your guests will recognize it. Life is too short to just be coasting through.

It’s important to continue to educate yourself on things that interest you. Challenge yourself to try new things personally and as a business. Those that can’t grow and adapt inevitably fail. Even Domino’s just added salads. While that may or may not work, they are trying to grow their business. If you don’t take chances you’ll never grow.

Today we are going to talk about finding time for education. Through proper education you’ll

make better decisions, cope with problems more appropriately, and make your job and your employees’ jobs easier.

Educate Yourself

Let’s start with self-education. Chance are if you are reading this then are you likely at least mildly interested in improving your restaurant knowledge. However, there are many additional areas where you can increase your knowledge.

Figure out what you are most interested in and what would help you the most. Start with restaurant fundamentals and work up into your areas of interest or greatest need. You can focus on areas such as organizational health, leadership, industry trends, food, or drink; pretty much anything that helps you grow.

Help yourself become better so you you can help your employees become better which helps your business become better.

Educate As A Group

There are many ways to educate your employees but it can be easier when teaching them all at once. In daily meetings or pre-shifts, instead of just teaching employees what the feature is for the day, give them some background on it. What’s in the sauce? Does it come from a local or interesting supplier? What part of the animal was is the cut from? Where was the fish caught?

Beyond that teach them sales tactics. Teach them how to make more tips. For your bartenders, teach them a bar trick. Give them the knowledge and tools to tell interesting stories and create interesting experiences. Help them make more money while making guests happier.

Educate Individually

Don’t stop with group education. Teach your employees one-on-one. Have an employee struggling in an area, give them a new technique. Have a veteran that is getting bored due to comfort, give them a new challenge. Find out what interests your employees then try to tie those interests into the restaurant. Can you have them help run a new marketing campaign, rework a spreadsheet, or determine how your restaurant would be able to accept bitcoin? If you keep your employees interested, learning, and engaged you will only benefit your restaurant long term.

Educate Your Guests

You can push it further. Don’t stop with your employees. Educate your customers. Teach them about your features. Teach them about new flavors. Introduce them to a new drink.

If you teach your guests interesting things about your restaurant they will share those stories with they talk about your restaurant to their friends. Give your guests something worth talking about and they’ll talk about it.

Never stop growing and learning. Share your knowledge with others. Grow yourself, grow your employees, and grow your restaurant.