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Time To Relax

Restaurants can be very stressful. Being pulled in several directions while trying to be everywhere at once, not only isn’t fun, it’s killing you. Stress can cause serious health effects.

Further, when your stressed, you tend to be more brash, reactionary, and you’ll make bad decisions. All of which are terrible managerial traits that can be a detriment to your restaurant. Accordingly, it is imperative you find some time to relax on a regular basis. The following is a list of things you can do both inside and outside the restaurant to help you relax or otherwise reduce your stress.[…]

Time To Reward The Good

Today, you need to recognize and reward the good. You know it’s something you should be doing more, but you don’t. Instead you discipline but aren’t seeing the results you are looking for and keep experiencing the same problems over and over. To fix it, you need a plan to reward the good.

Seek Out The Good

Seek it out actively. Don’t just watch for when things are going wrong. Look for when things are going right. Simple ‘thank yous’ and recognition can help bring out the best in your employees

Pick An Employee Every Day

Make a plan and pick an employee to recognize everyday. This isn’t to say […]

Find Time To Educate

Never stop learning. I used to tell the employees the worked for me that if ever there is a time that you are no longer learning something new or growing in your skills, then you should likely find a new job. You are doing a disservice to yourself if you aren’t growing. If you are just going through the motions it makes your job suck and both your coworkers and your guests will recognize it. Life is too short to just be coasting through.

It’s important to continue to educate yourself on things that interest you. Challenge yourself to try new things personally and as a business. Those that can’t grow and adapt inevitably fail. Even Domino’s just added salads. While that may or may not work, they are trying to grow their business. If you don’t take chances you’ll never grow.

Today we are going to talk about finding time for education. Through proper education you’ll […]

Writing A Restaurant Schedule In Less Time

Schedule writing is one of the most time consuming processes in the restaurant. On top of that it sucks to write, and even when you get it perfect, employees complain. So how can you make this job suck a bit less? I’ll send you through my process that should help to reduce your time. If you don’t have a system or template already that works well for you, you can download a copy of an example restaurant employee schedule here.

Start With A Template

First and foremost you have to have a template if you don’t want to take 3 hours to write a schedule. You likely have employees that […]

Mandatory On-The-Floor Times for Restaurant Managers

Should managers have mandatory on-the-floor times? As a manager I have both appreciated and dreaded mandatory on-the-floor times. Today, we’ll look at whether or not it is a good idea to enforce them or if enforcement doesn’t really matter.


I’ll start with the contrarian route.

First, managers are very busy and usually have a ton on their plate. With scheduling, inventory, ordering, human resources, paychecks, invoices, marketing, cleaning, and […]