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Smoke Break Management In Restaurants

Smoking is still a very prevalent thing among restaurant employees. Oftentimes it can interfere with giving good service and serving good food in a restaurant. Many times employees may disappear, come back smelling like smoke, or use a smoke break as a means of getting out of work. While smoke breaks can be frustrating, with a little simple management you can make sure everybody is happy and productive.[…]

Employee Cash Advances

An employee comes to you, they are in a bind and are wondering if they can get $50 and have you take it out of their check on payday. What do you do? You want to help your employee out of a bind, but also are concerned with the precedent it may send.[…]

How To Handle Restaurant Squatters

Your hosts did it. You have a 12-top arriving in 10 minutes, and it looks like things are going to time out perfectly. You have 3 tables to push together: One is open, one is getting bussed right now, and the last one between the two is just receiving their bill. You can just flip that last table once they head out in five minutes and push everything together, right on time.

But of course it rarely works out that well in the restaurant industry. The final table sits and continues their conversation, not even glancing at the bill. The first members of the 12-top have just arrived, just a bit early. You greet them, hand them a pager and let them know their table should be ready shortly.

They head to the bar and the rest of their group joins them over the next five minutes. You’re now five minutes past the reservation time, but the group is in the bar conversing and hasn’t seemed to notice that they are over their time.

Meanwhile, your squatter table has remained now pushing on 15 minutes since they received a bill and proceeded to ignore it completely. What do you do?


Generational Differences in Restaurants

In a restaurant, you likely have employees from numerous different generational periods. Differing generations work differently and need different things to succeed. Today we will take a look at commonalities within generations and how to manage them more effectively.

Before I start, I want to remind that breaking down employees into generation groups can be helpful, but not everyone in these groups is going to share these beliefs. The generational differences are just commonalities not guarantees and you should always view each individual personality differently and find what really works for each employee.

Further, the year […]

Preventing Condescension In Restaurants

Today we are going to look at how to prevent condescension in several different restaurant situations. Condescending attitudes from employees, managers, or even customers causes negativity throughout the restaurant. This behavior affects morale, organizational health, and can keep customers from returning. We’ll take a look at several situations that may occur in your restaurant and how to best handle them.

Employee to employee

When one employee is condescending to another employee, you need to discover […]