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Respect In Restaurant Kitchens

In a kitchen environment, respect is important. Respect for the chef, cooks, dishwashers, and prep workers. Respect for menu items and their ingredients. This respect, or lack of it, will either create success for your restaurant or will be the cause of its demise.

Today, we are going to discuss what a well run kitchen looks like, and how to[…]

Preventing Food Borne Illness

Today, we are going to look at several areas you can address to prevent food borne illness in your restaurant. Earlier this week we talked about building an effective HACCP program and critical control points. The items listed below may all be potential critical control points in your restaurant that you need to address to prevent potential hazards.[…]

Building An Effective HACCP Program

Today, we are going to build an effective HACCP program. There is nothing that threatens every restaurant no matter how big or how small more than food poisoning and food borne illness. HACCP is your defense against it.

What Is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. It’s a system developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to try to reduce the number of cases of food borne illness.

One thing that the government actually did very well on this front, was […]

Creating New Menu Items

Earlier this week we discussed limiting your menu items, today we are going to discuss creating new menu items that can take the place of 2 or 3 old items. Further, we are going to explore your restaurant’s “voice” to determine the similar styles that should exist across menu items.

Find Your Restaurant Voice

What flavors or plating techniques exist on your most popular menu items? Do you have specific techniques or flavors? You should.

The items on your menu should […]

Reduce Your Menu Size To Make More Money

Today, we are going to discuss reducing your menu size and limiting items to reduce waste. In our last article we talked about waste. Spoilage can be a huge money suck that destroys profitability. One way to reduce spoilage is to reduce the number of products you carry. If you do not have as many products, you will have to use the ones you have more frequently, which leads to greater rotation and less spoilage. So today, let’s eliminate some products.[…]