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Employee Cash Advances

An employee comes to you, they are in a bind and are wondering if they can get $50 and have you take it out of their check on payday. What do you do? You want to help your employee out of a bind, but also are concerned with the precedent it may send.[…]

Writing A Restaurant Schedule In Less Time

Schedule writing is one of the most time consuming processes in the restaurant. On top of that it sucks to write, and even when you get it perfect, employees complain. So how can you make this job suck a bit less? I’ll send you through my process that should help to reduce your time. If you don’t have a system or template already that works well for you, you can download a copy of an example restaurant employee schedule here.

Start With A Template

First and foremost you have to have a template if you don’t want to take 3 hours to write a schedule. You likely have employees that […]

Determining Opening and Closing Times For Your Restaurant

You may not have thought about it recently but you opening and closing times play a lot into the customer perception of your restaurant as well as your profitability. So accordingly when should you open and when should you close?

When Do You Start To Get Busy

We’ll start with the obvious, when do you start to get busy? When do your first customers show up, and when do you actually start getting busy? Write down […]

Food Inventory Management – Build Your Systems

Today we are going to take a look at a few basic requirements for a successful food inventory management system. As this process can be a bit lengthy, let’s get right to it.

Set Locations

First, each of the food items in your restaurant should have a set location. Where possible, label this location. These should be detailed locations. Such as […]

Mixing A Perfect Cocktail

Today we are going to talk about crafting a perfect cocktail. There are an endless amount of different cocktails in the world, but the truly great ones follow a set of proper guidelines.

Think of building a cocktail like building a great entrée. You start with a solid base, your main protein, pair it with a vegetable and a potato, and then accent it with a garnish. A similar process and ratio can be found in crafting a great cocktail.

The Bar Master’s Ratio

Nearly every great cocktail will follow a 40-30-30 ratio.[…]