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My Restaurant Supports This Candidate

Election season is coming and you want to show your political affiliation for the candidate or party you believe in. What size sign should you get, and should you post signs for just the presidential candidate or all of the local candidates as well?

Don’t Do It

The correct answer is to not post anything. Resist the urge no matter how strong. There is almost no quicker way to piss off half of your customers than to show a strong political affiliation.

Remember, your restaurant is a business, it is not the owner. If you want what’s best for the business, keep any potentially offensive affiliation out of the business.

Restaurants are Fun and Relaxing

Restaurants are a place where people go to relax and have a good time. They don’t want to be stressed with the tension of the political season. For those set in their opposing views they may become angered and avoid your restaurant while also convincing their friends to do so. These customers may never return even if they had liked you in the past.

It’s a pretty poor reason to lose a customer for life as it is easily preventable.

Another factor may relate to your employees. Employees with opposite political affiliations will have immediate tension when starting their shift. Further, you invite political tension into your workplace. Employees with opposite view points may argue with other employees causing rifts through your staff. There is enough politics in the restaurant without adding actual governmental politics into the restaurant.

Keep your personal political affliations personal. Post a sign at your house if you must, but keep it away from your business and your business, your employees, and your customers will be better off for it.