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Need some joint venture partnership ideas for your restaurant? This month we have talked quite a bit about joint venture partnerships. In this article I wanted to give you a bunch of ideas about potential joint venture partnerships to get you thinking about businesses you may want to work with. I’ve included 29 examples of joint venture partnerships for restaurants. If that’s not enough, take a look back at our introductory joint venture partnerships article for a few more ideas.

  1. Pair with a cinema or theater to offer a dinner and a show special for a discounted price
  2. Partner with other restaurants on your block to host a night of bar-hopping live music
  3. Host a wine night featuring wines sold at a local winery or wine store. Share the advertising cost and work out a discount on the wine you receive in exchange for advertising where they can get it. Note: depending on state laws this may have to be worked out through a distributor
  4. Talk to a local chocolatier and have a wine and chocolate pairing for a week long feature or special event
  5. Find a nearby fitness club and give a discount to club members when they order select healthy entrees after their workout
  6. Talk with an electronic store or audio visual company about them featuring a new TV or projector at your restaurant for free or cheaper in exchange for them being able to advertise on it.
  7. Partner with a local apparel company. Have them make some shirts advertising your company and advertise their screen printing service in exchange for a discount on the shirts
  8. Have a night of the week where you feature local musicians. They can advertise your restaurant and you can advertise them. (Note: Pay the musicians, exposure for musicians is not the same as exposure for a restaurant. What they make is often their entire livelihood. Take care of them.)
  9. Share the advertising cost of an every door direct mailer with several other restaurants or retailers
  10. Collect school supplies to give to local schools for children in need. Offer those that bring in school supplies a special deal. Work with the schools to have them help advertise the promotion. Take this one step farther and partner with a local retailer and donate an extra dollar to be spent on school supplies if they bring in a receipt saying they bought their supplies from that local retailer
  11. Partner with a carpenter, counter top maker, or floor installer to be a public showroom for their work. Your chairs, bar, or floors can be a feature for anyone looking to install something similar in their home. You can further this relationship by offering a joint mailer featuring their work and your restaurant and advertise a great local partnership.
  12. Source your food from a local vendor? Cross promote each other.
  13. Partner with other area local bars to do a dart or billiards league
  14. Host trivia contests at nearby bars to have patrons compete for their bar. Share the cost of advertising between the different bars
  15. Feature new or used cars from a nearby car dealership in your lot for your patrons to test drive. Have the car dealership pay for and give away the restaurant’s gift cards to anyone taking a test drive. Have the cards range in value from $1 to $100 to make this even more enticing
  16. Partner with a local golf resort to offer a discount of bottles of wine at your restaurant when they show their scorecard. In exchange, patrons can get a free bucket of balls for the driving range when the show a check with a bottle of wine on it.
  17. Partner with a grocery store and retirement home. Offer a shuttle bus to shuttle area seniors from a local retirement home to your restaurant for brunch at specific times. Have them stop at a local grocery store afterwards to do some quick shopping before heading back home.
  18. On the same vein, partner with a local grocery store to have them prepare a bag of 3 standard meals or snacks. Pair this with a hot meal from your restaurant and deliver them all to a retirement home weekly for a deal to help provide several meals to those that may not be able to get out effectively. Aside from being a great service, the PR would also likely be very beneficial
  19. Partner with a local delivery service. They deliver your take out food and you offer them a discount on the items to do so. They charge an additional fee for delivery and make a livable margin in the middle. They advertise your restaurant as one they can deliver for and you advertise their service
  20. Feature local artist’s works for sale on the walls of your restaurant. They get the proceeds from whatever painting or drawing they sell. You get great free art on your wall for minimal management and the artist’s and art lovers will help to advertise your restaurant
  21. Do a tap takeover featuring a whole lineup of beer from one brewery. The brewery or distributor offers a discount on the beer for the bulk order and also helps to cover a large cost of advertising the event
  22. Invite influential people into your bar and name a drink after them. Have them help to determine what is in the drink. For the next month feature their drinks. They will help spread the word about ‘their’ drink. You can change the drinks up every month to partner with different entrepreneurs and ‘shakers and movers’ in the area. In exchange the influential people are helping to advertise your business with valuable word of mouth. Add to this by having people submit the name of the person they’d like to see as the next ‘influencer’ drink.
  23. Partner with a local library to feature a storytellers night.
  24. Partner with a neighboring or semi-competing restaurant to host a “who has the better burger” contest. Suggestion: Have both restaurants create a crazy abnormal specialty burger that patrons vote on. In this way the losing bar can blame it on the specialty burger and not their food as a whole. You don’t want negative publicity from this.
  25. Partner with an outdoor company to host a ‘Pints in Ponchos’ night during the next rain storm. Advertise at both locations. Patrons drinking in the rain get a free poncho with the companies names on them and discounted pints for drinking on a rainy patio area. Advertise for guests to bring something to cover their beer with so it doesn’t get watered-down
  26. Give a discount to a local running, biking, or motorcycle group in exchange for the hosting their runs/rides from your location every month
  27. Work with your city Parks and Recreation Department to offer discounts on catering to people that rent out their pavilion. Have both parties advertise
  28. When patrons sign up to get put on your email list, have an opt-in checkbook where patrons can also sign up to get deals from a local partner. Your partner can do the same thing on their sign up form with your restaurant
  29. Offer to help another restaurant improve their hiring practices in exchange for them helping you better limit theft

These ideas may not work for every type of restaurant but should give you an idea of where to start looking for potential partners. The possibilities are nearly endless. With joint venture partnerships multiple businesses can grow their businesses much more rapidly and cost-effectively than they could have done on their own.